Issue #02

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Torah Cottrill’s Casualties of War

Dusty Wallace’s Shaundra The Watcher

Davian Aw’s Last Thursday

Erik Bundy’s The Gordian Gnarl of Greed

Jonathan Balog’s The Secret Life of the Goldleaf Hotel

Jack Wolcott’s, Red Death

And the next installment of Kenneth Steven’s, The Fall

ares 5 dino invasive species 2


The science behind the construction and utility of space elevators, and why they are so much better than space escalators.

Interview with Dino Andrade, professional voice actor and driving force behind

And a brand new, two-player boardgame Invasive Species. This game swaps out the previously announced game Born of Titans. Invasive Species pits the human crew of a small scout space ship, the CFS Quicksilver, against an alien apex predator trapped onboard.

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