One Small Step Games

One Small Step is a small game manufacturer that’s been around since 1996.

One Small Step has published dozens of titles. You may purchase those still in stock here.

We have a number of new product lines we think you’ll enjoy.

BattleChrome is a miniatures and role-playing game available in 2014. BattleChrome takes place about 50 years in the future, during a time of global and interplanetary conflict fought with large war machines.

Star Fury is a series of tactical, fleet, and star empire-building games in a common universe. The first release is called Star Fury Genesis, and is a game of star ship building and fleet combat that allows players to recreate fleet engagements from their favorite science fiction media.

We are also working on some new games for the Millennium Wars game series. Millennium Wars is a game of near-future speculative war games using an innovative kinetic/political resolution system.

Ares Magazine is our newest project. We’ve composed a team of amazing professionals to ensure Ares will contain excellent games and fantastic fiction.


  1. I am a collector of the original ares magazine and I would love to subscribe to the new one, but I live in the UK. Is it possible to purchase it direct or do you have a UK distributor.
    Many thanks

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